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The image storage all developers dream of.

Working with images should be easy.


Why Edge Store?

Edge Store is a simple image storage for all project sizes. It is designed to be easy to use and easy to integrate into your project. It is built leveraging s3, cloudfront and lambda@edge to give you a fast, reliable and secure image storage.

Easy to use

Use our server side and client side libraries to easily integrate Edge Store into your project.


All your images are served from the edge, so they are fast to load.


Have full control over who can access your images with a JWT based access control system that works on the Edge.


It leverages AWS serverless technologies that are known and trusted by millions of developers.

Free for small projects

Just create an account and start using Edge Store for free.

Pay as you grow

As your project grows, you can upgrade your plan to get more storage and more bandwidth.

Step 1 - Server

Add the service environment variables to your Next.js app. Then export the Edge Store API from the Next.js API routes.

Step 2 - Client

Wrap your app with the Edge Store provider component. This will enable you to access Edge Store methods anywhere in your app.

Step 3 - Start using

Use the useEdgeStore hook to upload and fetch images from Edge Store. You can also use Edge Store features like:
  • Getting real-time progress of image uploads
  • Controlling access to images with permissions
  • Optimizing images for different devices and resolutions
  • And more!